Poltava Art Museum (Art Gallery)

In 1999 during the celebration of the 1100th anniversary of Poltava our city received wonderful gift – a modern building of Art Gallery (architect Yuri Oleynik). Situated in the cosy place of the central part of the city it gained popularity of the citizens very quickly. It is a cultural establishment of new design with spacious halls and lobby, suits of rooms and press-centre for 100 persons and “winter garden”. The total square is more than 2 thousand square metros. In 2000 Poltava Art Museum moved to the building of the Art Gallery because of catastrophical condition of its own building, former Volodymyr Bolyubash’s house (1912). Here it received its constant home and placed its exposition in two suits of rooms of ground floor and its funds in specially equipped funds holding. Taking to considerating the significance of the collection of the museum Gallery was renamed into Poltava Art Museum (Art Gallery) by Mykhola Yaroshenko. One of these new departments is a department of child’s creation originated on the base of the Gallery named by Sasha Putrya situated in the separate hall of the common place. So we can see the cultural establishment of the really new type, where all kinds of art are combined.

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